Identify services available in local community and Olympia area

Volunteers assist the homeless to sign up for community services including health care, counseling, treatment for chemical dependency, food stamps, Medicaid, housing, and job training.

Coordinate community meetings monthly to connect local low-income and homeless individuals with service providers such as State Department of Social and Health Services, Thurston County Health Department, Capitol Recovery Center, SeaMar Healthcare, veterans organizations, Housing Authority, Community Action Council, Community Youth Services, and Family Support Center.

Our Community Partners

Legal Help

Healthcare, Food, and Housing

Rent & Utility Assistance, Counseling, and Education

Where can I find help for addictions?

If you or a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol use, help is available.  Love Abounds Here has put together this list of organizations that help our clients who abuse substances to get clean and sober.  Sometimes mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder occur with the use of drugs so we include those resources.

Capitol Recovery Center, Sean Wright, Olympia- counseling, assessments, Bupropion clinic, outreach, treatment, and housing Phone 360-357-2582

TMTL, Carmin Long, Yelm – Truly Motivated Transitional Living is a residential recovery program for men and women. They provide clean and sober housing, and counseling that encourages Health, Hope and Wholeness Phone 360-400-8685

FreshStart, April Sparks, McKenna – affordable clean and sober housing supports recovery from substance abuse - must maintain sobriety

Phone 360-481-6949 Help to apply call Deb 360-464-5291

HOST Program, Layla Cardenas - stands for Homeless Outreach Stabilization and Transition - outreach treatment for individuals with mental illness and substance abuse issues - Work with homeless who lack access to services: counseling, assessments and refer to treatment and housing Phone 360-764-6282

Crisis Clinic - open 24 hrs – call for crisis counseling and referral to many community services including drug and alcohol treatment. 

Suicide hotline. Phone 988 suicide or Phone 360-586-2800 counseling

Substance Use Resources

NW Resources, Olympia – assessment, counseling, and treatment.

Phone 360-688-7312

SeaMar Clinic- Behavioral Health, Yelm - assessment and treatment for mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse.

Phone 360-400-4800    202 Cullens St NW Yelm

South Sound Behavioral Hospital - open 24 hrs- assessment and treatment for mental illnesses and drug or alcohol abuse – inpatient or outpatient care and referrals.

Phone 844-949-8888     605 Woodland Square Loop SE Lacey

Salvation Army Shelter, Olympia - social services and low barrier shelter referral to treatment with NWResources on site.

Phone 360-352-8596 X.113  1504 4th Avenue E, Olympia

NarCan saves lives – free supplies to reverse overdoses, instructions for use, and referrals to rehab.  Supplied by DSHS and Love Abounds Here. Suzie LeFurgey and Deb Larson

Phone 360-464-5291 or 360-894-0256